Starry Eyed And Laughing
Small Talk, Bullshit & Lies - Credits
Peter O’Brien, Tony Poole, Harry Arthur, Thad Beckman & Wes McGhee recorded at Milestone Studios, Oxfordshire
Dave Batti at Homecoming Studios, West Hills, California
Ed Boggs at Jazz Barn Studios, Kalispell, Montana. Engineer: Don Caverley
Andrew Combs, Spencer Cullum Jr. & Jeremy Fetzer at Grey Matters Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.
Engineer: Mike Odmark
Dan Dugmore at Shabby Road Studio, Pleasant View, Tennessee
Butch Hancock, Rory Hancock & Katy Fachorn at Rainlight Recorders, Driftwood, Texas
John Hoke at Dreamland Studios, Los Angeles, California

All songs ©2012 Copyright Control except ‘The Light at the End of the Line’ © Bug Music ‘Moanin’ of the Midnight Train’ © Two Roads Music/BMI administered by Bug Music and ‘Roadwork in the Boneyard’ © Copyright Control/Bucking Horse Moon Music

Cover photo of blue 1939 Chevy by Tamara Gooch

For their encouragement and support, my thanks go to John Taylor, Red Shuttleworth, Ernie & Karen Hopseker at, Doug ‘Duke’ Lang, Joe Ray Skrha, Charlie Hunter, Sarah Ovenden & the Roots On The Rails crew at, Deena Wolfe-Guerin, Danny George Wilson, Lloyd Coombs, Rod & Judy Wilson, Dan Weber, Bill Knoedelseder, Bill Lavery at, Devon Flaherty, Adrienne Evans, Sharman Smith, Connie Cuff and Bill Montgomery at

My thanks to all the musicians who played and sang on this album. Every one of you went beyond the call of duty. I am in awe of your extraordinary creativity.

Peter O'Brien - Photo by Bill Montgomery
Photo by Bill Montgomery

Thad Beckman
Wes McGhee
Dan Dugmore
Dave Batti
John Hoke
Andrew Combs
Jeremy Fetzer
Spencer Cullum, Jr
Katy Fachorn & Rory Hancock
Butch Hancock
Ed Boggs
Paul Zarzyski

Finally, none of this would have been accomplished without the invaluable assistance of my friend Tony Poole, who once again recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, produced and masterminded this entire project.