Starry Eyed And Laughing
Ross McGeeney & Tony Poole at The Duke of Clarence 1973 (Photo:Bob Parsons)Tony Poole and Ross McGeeney first played under the name
Starry Eyed And Laughing on Whit Monday 28th May 1973 at The Duke Of Clarence in Shepherds Bush, London.

A few days later, the duo began a summer-long residency, and soon Saturday nights at the pub on the roundabout were hot and happy, crowded and loud with the sound of their West Coast harmonies, folk-rock guitars, Byrds, Dylan, Beatles and original songs.

Pop weekly Record Mirror noticed "...something exciting happening at the Bush", as elsewhere in London that summer, Eggs Over Easy, Bees Make Honey and Kilburn & The High Roads were creating similar scenes with different styles that would eventually merge and morph into what became known as "pub-rock".

For Poole and McGeeney, who continued to busk down in the Underground tunnels - in a constant cute cat-and-mouse with London Transport officials - and to play folk clubs across the city acoustically, it was a chance to plug in and, in McGeeney's words, become
"...exactly one half of a rock band..."

Starry Eyed & Laughing #1 (Photo:Bob Parsons)By August, they'd gained the attention of a new production company called Panda, and were recording tracks in a Hampstead studio owned by Steve Hall, a multi-talented musician\songwriter\producer, who soon joined on Bass.

In September they found drummer Nick Brown, and now exactly one whole rock band, the quartet began rehearsing, eating and sleeping 24/7 in a Nissen Hut in Bromley, South London.
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