Starry Eyed And Laughing

               Songs: Starry Eyed & Laughing - 1st Album
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1. Going Down  R.McGeeney
We were riding, going nowhere
Going down down down
We were singing, singing something
Going down down down

Can we not meet again?
I just want to be your friend
I can see no-one except you and me

We were laughing in the darkness
Going down down down
We were learning about living
Going down down down

Planets revolve around
I'll see you back on the ground
We agree - in time I think you will see

2. Closer To You Now  R.McGeeney
Well she knows how to smile
and then after a while you will feel strange
You will want to know why,
she will gaze and then sigh 'can I trust you?'
Follow quick as she slips out of sight
She knows it all while you're lost in the night
Your loser's fate as she strikes up a light
Can I get closer to you now?
You're breaking my heart with your loneliness
Just the same as me
What can I say ? What can I do
To try and get close to you?

It gets so lonely - I need you here
Seems love is only a stranger to me
I get confused I can't see
I know never know how you feel
I never say how I feel - I dream you

You get under her spell and there's no telling where
this will lead you
You'll drive out in your car, talk and gaze at the stars you can trust me
You want to speak but you're numbed to the brain
You hold her close but it's not quite the same
Her voice remains as you kindle the flame
Can I get closer to you now?
I'm chasing your shadow can you see mine?
It's so far behind your mind
Where should I be?
Why can't you see that maybe I loved you

3. Money Is No Friend Of Mine   T.Poole
Money is no friend of mine
Just someone passing thru
Honey don't he do that fine
Do dit and do doo

All the things I should have done but I never did
All the times I should have come but I went and hid
Who's to say I'm wrong or right ?
All I know is that I'm here tonight singing
Loving is no pal of mine
She never came my way
Nothing she's a gal of mine
Do dit and do day

All the girls I could have loved but I laid off
All the times I could've been made but I made off
Who's to say I'm wrong or right ?
All I know is that I'm here tonight singing
Burn your money burn, burn your money burn
Money is no friend to have
Burn your money burn

4. Lady Came From The South   T.Poole
The lady came from the south
Ah how was I to know?
Walking all alone
Ah nowhere else to go
She took me by surprise
It was her eyes
I loved her for a while
It was her smile

She said I'm so tired of being alone
Learning new ways to cry
And I'm no higher and no freer than most
On a path to the sea

The way she looked at me
I felt so free
Hiding something away
Deeper than I could see

5. Oh What ?   T.Poole
Well I've been trying all night to make up
A rock'n'roll song
But everything I write just breaks up
And comes out all wrong
Seems I've been in this dream much too long

So I went down to see the palmist
My lifeline to trace
She said your life is as free as your arm is
Long as your face
But your heart just won't stay in one place
Then she said
Oh what in the world are you trying to do?
I said I'm trying, yes I'm trying, yes I'm trying
to make you

Went seeking after fame and riches
Can't even say why
I don't really claim to know which is
The best of your lies
But it's plain there's not much you can't buy

6. See Your Face   McGeeney-Poole-Whitmore
See your face - everywhere I see your face
Fills my head with sound
Turns my life around
Puts me on another track
Always leaves me looking back,
back to see your face

Quite by chance, happened in a second glance
Need you more and more
Makes me feel unsure
Find I'm saying 'Hey come on'
I'm not trying to put you on, on, on

Wrapped in a sleepless night I see your face
Even the morning light can't take your place
And I see your face

Living my days in a dream I see your face
No girl I've ever seen can take your place
And I see your face

Here's the catch - you can't always see my face
Someone else's smile
Stole you for a while
You could not have seen that I
Thought the sun shone from your eyes ... eyes
You left me here but I still see your face  

1. Nobody Home   T.Poole
Don't come around and knock on my door
You'll find nobody home, nobody home
Don't be surprised to find me at war
If there's nobody home, nobody home, nobody home

Don't get too near me, you'll catch neurosis
I love you dearly, but in small doses
Don't say you found me, you never lost me
No, no, no, no
And when you're around me you're far too costly

And when I'm on the run from people with tongues That reach the ground blah blah
I wish I had a gun
Or at least a bigger pair of lungs
To shout them down
Or shoot them down bang bang

I won't analyse you or do you dis-service
But when you're so wise you just make me nervous
I won't say you're sinking, you never surfaced
No, no , no, no
See when I'm not thinking I'm far too versus,
versus you

2. 50/50 (Better Stop Now)   I.Whitmore
Better stop now
While there's still light left to see with
Better stop now
While I've still got time to be with you my friend
I didn't want it to be this way
Better stop now

Better cut and run
While there's still room on the highway
Better cut and run
While you've still got wings to fly away
From this place
I can't help you anymore you know
Better cut and run

I had a friend, she let me down
She never smiled at all
And look now, she's got me tied
With something so big, and yet so small

Better wear a smile
What's done is done forever
Better wear a smile
Oh you know that I could never fight you back
I just carry on like I am
Better wear a smile

3. Living In London   McGeeney-Poole
I never tried to say it was easy
You know sometimes it can be hard
I try to do the things that will please me
It turns out wrong and breaks my heart
Yes it does, yes it does ooh ooh

Caught in this polluted city
Trapped you know the roads are jammed
Trying to get some music together
Police are trying hard to get it banned
Yes they are, yes they are, yes they are

Living in London is driving me crazy yeah

Outside a million people stand
I turn and reach with my right hand

Gamble with the transport system
You're caught up in a game of chance
Waiting in the Government Departments
You end up in a dangerous trance
Yes you do, yes you do, yes you do

4. Never Say Too Late   I.Whitmore
Time is a funny thing, what it does to your love
Turning people around so they face the other way
Life is another thing, it reflects what you've done
And it can bring you down,
But then that's another day

Never say too late
I can play things straight
I know how to wait for what I want

You know I've tried to keep a steady mind
Not to hurt anyone
But to have me a good time in the only way I know
So show me another way and I'll take it if I can
But if I should go blind,
Will you show me where to go ?

Time is a funny thing, it takes what it can
Leaves you bare like a dead tree
And cold enough to die
Life is another thing, it can kill you where you stand
So find someone to believe
And you can look it in the eye

5. In The Madness   R.McGeeney
In the madness of the morning
And the sadness of their moment
She says goodbye and starts to cry
In a second of emotion
And the burning of devotion
She don't know why her life's a lie

For the love of a lady grows stronger every day
She seems like a stranger now
Ship upon the water

In the darkness of desertion
She dances desperate hopes that dreams bring
She walks alone, on her own
And the pain of their parting
Echoes thoughts of their restarting
To laugh again, to live again

For the love of each other
grows stronger every day
They seem to be drifting like
Ships upon the water

6. Everybody   R.McGeeney
Everybody's sick of the hurting
Nobody seems to care
Everybody's scared of deserting
Everybody wants to share

Everybody's tired of the cheating
Everybody wants a piece
Everybody's getting mistreated
And nobody is getting released

Everybody wants you, everybody needs you
No-one really wants to know

Everybody will hurt you when you're down and out Everybody will burn you when you're hanging out

Somebody is being rejected
Somebody's becoming a star
Somebody is being protected
Someone's cracking up in a bar

Everybody wants you, everybody needs you
No-one really lives alone

Everybody will bless you as they rob you blind
Everybody will force you just to be unkind

Everybody's sick of the hurting
Nobody seems to care
Everybody's scared of deserting
Everybody wants a share
Everybody loves you
Everybody leaves you
No-one really loves alone

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