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                        The Darrow-Mosley Band:Desert Rain EP
 Quite literally where Moby Grape meets Kaleidoscope, The Darrow Mosley Band was a short-lived ensemble in which the family trees of those two extraordinary bands interlocked for a few short months in 1973.
 Until recently, virtually nothing was known about the ephemeral musical alliance between Bob Mosley (bass player/vocalist in The Grape) and Chris Darrow
(multi-instrumentalist/vocalist in Kaleidoscope). 
  However, when the indefatigable Nigel Cross discovered the existence of an unissued 3 song demo for Warner Bros, he was determined that not only should Shagrat, the world’s most idiosyncratic record label, finally make this music available, in homage to two of his all-time favourite bands he would make it his most extravagant project thus far.

 With spectacular psychedelic cover art by the legendary John Hurford, and complete with insert featuring sleeve notes by Chris Darrow, this EP is an absolute must for fans of Kaleidoscope and Moby Grape everywhere.

 If manager and co-producer Michael O’Connor’s vision of them as “a great American rock and roll band” was Gram and Keef, baked by the sun, sharing a peyote-sprinkled red hot burrito with Crazy Horse and Nicky Hopkins out on a sweltering dusty New Mexico bajada, “Albuquerque Rainbow” nails it perfectly. 
  Topped off by Darrow’s sublime impassioned vocals and fuelled by Mosley’s pounding bass-line, Darrow and guitar-player Frank Reckard pull out searing back-to-back solos as the band roar relentlessly on with all the precision and drive of a gleaming 12 cylinder Peterbilt roadtrain tearing up the desert highway ... (Colin Hill)
  Read Colin Hill's full review here (opens in a new window ... scroll down page)
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The Darrow-Mosley Band:Desert Rain EP
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